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Equestrian POLO

Bloc de sare si vitamine Vitblock

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Minerals & Vitamins Licking Blocks

Minerals , Elements & Vitamins

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  • Reproduction Improvement
  • Health and Improved Growth
  • Productivity Increasement
  • High Disease Resistance
  • Excellent Bone Formation
  • Improvement of the Immunity System
  • High Skin Quality

A, D3 and E Vitamins as an ideal combination with all the minerals, and the Trace Elements which are included in these blocks, act together offering to the animals top performance and high productivity results while at the same time they improve their immunity system for higher disease resistance.


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Riders & horses

EQUESTRIAN POLO offers an extensive selection of horse riding gear, riders' equipment and accessories. From saddle pads to dressage boots, from blankets to headcollars, from full riding equipment to streatwear. A fantastic range of products that bring out the best in horse and rider.