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Vesta de protectie Airbag Safefit Seaver

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 Airbag vest

The perfect balance between safety, style and innovation.

In the event of a fall, the SAFEFIT airbag vest protects the vital areas of your body with its ultra-fast release. You ride safely, ready to excel, without giving up your freedom of movement or your style, thanks to its fit and customizable options

Protect your health with a full protection.
To prevent serious injuries, the SAFEFIT airbag is activated very quickly before impact and protects the alignment of the trunk: back, lumbar area, neck, cervical spine, rib cage, pelvis and sacrum. This makes you less vulnerable on horseback and gives you the peace of mind you need to excel.

SAFEFIT is certified by the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory, in compliance with the European regulation, the only regulatory framework in force as of 21 April 2023 (EU2016/425).

Don't give up wearing an airbag for comfort or convenience.
With SAFEFIT, you wear an airbag vest without feeling like you are wearing one. SAFEFIT is lightweight (less than 600 grams) and does not restrict your movements. Made of stretchy materials, it follows all your efforts without friction. Its micro-perforated fabric allows for ventilation, so you can wear SAFEFIT in summer and winter. It is easy to forget once you are in the saddle and does not create any extra thickness

In the event of a fall, the SAFEFIT airbag vest ensures total protection of the vital areas of your body thanks to its ultra-rapid triggering before impact.


Lightest airbag
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